Monday, May 25, 2009

What then is happiness? (11-5)

“Live in this world as if you are a stranger or a traveler who is just passing through.”
Happiness is not in mansions in treasures or in gardens of roses.
Bliss and happiness were the lot of the Prophets’s Companions even though they were poor and led harsh lives.
Happiness is not a cheque cashed, a car bought, or oil pumped.
Happiness is the solace that is derived from being upon the truth, a peace of mind that is achieved by living according to sound principles, and calmness that is brought about by living a life of goodness.
We used to think that if we bought a bigger house, had more things, and purchased the latest appliances and machines that make life easier, we would be happy and joyful. And then it surprised us when we found that these very things were the cause of worry, anxiety, and trouble in our lives.
Uprightness calms both conscience and soul.
The doer of good is always at peace and the sinner is always wary and suspicious of what goes on around him.
The wrongdoer goes from anxiety to suspicion and then finally to paranoia.

“If one does ill he will feel suspicious, And he will believe whatever he imagines and fancies.”
The solution for anyone who seeks happiness clearly lies in doing well and avoiding evil.
Being a Believer who is spiritually healthy is better than achieving the kingdoms of Khosrau and Caesar, since your religion is what will remain with you until you settle in the gardens of Paradise.
As for power and position, they are but momentary and fleeting.

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