Friday, May 29, 2009

Everyone is searching for happiness, but ….. (11-1)

Few are those who are guided to the path that truly leads to happiness. Regarding that and other paths, here are three points for you to reflect upon:
1- Whoever does not make the pleasure of Allah(GOD) to be his main concern in life will end up losing in the end.
2- There are too many people in this world who think they are doing well, but who, in reality, are losing out on this life and the Hereafter, simply because they turn their backs to the true Religion.
3- In order to achieve happiness, people attempt to follow many complicated and tricky paths. Little do they know that an easier path is ready for them in the religion of (.................) a path that will bring them the best of this life and the Hereafter.

So I ask you my dear friend to search for the right religion, that God Almighty has created the humankind to worship, this is the real target of these fleeting life, so my dear friend you have to read in all the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and to reflect with your mind on what you read without obstinacy or Stubbornness, or any external influence and to request an advisory opinion from the heart, my friend Come quickly before the day which will come when no remorse for you, That day of judgment, May win paradise, or anguish and regret with the hellfire, Since I'm of the believers of Islam, Offer you this book with format of Pdf ( ) written by a group of Westerners who converted to Islam, this book contains a simplified and explained by the wealth of information about Islam, and in all fairness and impartiality I am all ready to put a link (you send me in a comment) in this post of a book explains the Christian and another to explain Judaism.


  1. Good post, all I believe my friend is I read the Bible, and their is no such thing that we are save through religion because their is so many to choose, through relationship to God, and faith that I believe because He died on the cross for our sins. All we do is confess our sins to Him and believe that He is our Saviour, Amen.

  2. COngratulations. You are correct. It's necessary to know to separate good an bad religions, concepts and ideas...