Friday, October 23, 2009

Three common mistakes in our daily lives (9-4)

1. Wasting time.
2. Talking about matters that don’t concern us, matters that are none of our business.
“From the goodness of a believer is leaving alone that which does not concern him.”
3. Being preoccupied with trivial issues, Listening to rumors, predictions, and gossip are three common examples.

An important step:
Keep a journal with you, and in it take account of your actions, Write down the negative aspects of your personality and actions, and then think of solutions to rid yourself of them.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plan your life and take the necessary measures (9-5)

When a Believer sets out to do something, he must do the following:
He must plan with caution, and he must put his trust in Allah (GOD).

To trust in Allah (GOD) without taking appropriate measures, i.e. without making an effort to achieve one’s goals, is a contemptible misunderstanding of the religion.
And to take appropriate measures without trusting in Allah (GOD) means that there is a defect in one’s faith in Allah (GOD).

An One poets said:
“The slow cautious person will achieve part of his goals, While the impetuous hasty one will often fail.”

By being circumspect in your affairs, you will not have acted contrary to your belief in preordainment, but rather, you will have implemented a fundamental part of it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paradise for you ....... (9-6)

“My soul that owns things is itself departing, Then why should I cry when something leaves me.”
The whole world, with all its gold, silver, positions, and mansions does not deserve even a teardrop.

An One poets said:
“Wealth and family are only a loan, And the day must come when the loan is returned.”
All of the wealth in the world cannot postpone death when its appointed time comes.

An One scholars said:
“Do not seek any remuneration other than Paradise, especially since the value of a believer’s soul is so expensive.”
Yet some people sell theirs for a base value, Those who mourn over bankruptcy and destruction of house or car, and do not grieve over a low level of faith and over their sins will soon come to realize the absurdity of their outlook on life, And the realization thereof, teemed with regret, will be augmented for an individual according to the degree of his particular delusions, It is an issue that strikes deep because it is one of values, morals, and priorities.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

To avoid anxiety ..... (9-7)

Learn how to avoid anxiety :
1-The length of your life has already been decided upon, for everything takes place according to preordainment and decree, So there is no need to feel anxious in that regard.
2-The decision of how much sustenance any one of us receives is with Allah (GOD) alone, no one else owns that sustenance or has the power to take it from you.
3-The past is gone and has taken with it its woes and miseries, It cannot return even if the whole of mankind worked as one unit to bring it back.
4-The future is from the unseen world and has not yet arrived, It brings with it matters, showing no regard to your permission or feelings, so do not call it forth until it actually arrives.
5-Doing good to others brings happiness to both the heart and the soul, A good deed provides greater benefits to the benefactor, in terms of blessings and recompense and peace, than it does to the receiver.
6-Among the noble qualities of the believer is that he doesn’t concern himself with spurious criticism, No one has been saved from curses and criticism, not even Allah (GOD), the Lord of all that exists, Who is Perfect and Exalted.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

To avoid ardent love and passion (9-8)

Beware of falling in love with appearances, such love is beset with anxiety and perpetual misery. It is a blessing for a Believer that he stays away from messages found in lyrics and music, messages about ardent love, unrequited love, or separation from one’s object of love.

In reproaching himself, an One poets wrote the following:
“I am the one who has brought death a knocking, Then who is to blame when the murdered is the murderer.”
He is blaming himself for the perpetual pain and misery that he experienced, finally recognizing that by falling in passionate love and then by not being able to fall out of it, he alone was to blame for his woes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Many cures for ardent, unbridled love (10-1)

1. Strive to improve your worship, by being more sincere and invoke Allah (GOD) to cure you.
2. Lower your gaze.
3. Travel away from the object of your passion.
4. Keep yourself busy in doing good deeds.
5. Marriage in a legal way, i.e. according to the teachings of religion.