Friday, December 25, 2009

Do not pay attention to the tell-tale

Predictions of calamity (which rarely come to pass) and evil premonitions (which are most often false) instill fear into the hearts of many.
Anxiety, sleeplessness, and ulcers are the ill consequences of hopelessness and worry.

A poet said:
“Don’t punish us for we have already been tortured,
By anxiety that keeps us awake long through the night.”

The curses of the foolish are of no consequence to you

Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th President, said:
“I never read malicious, hostile letters that are sent to me. I never open the envelopes and never bother responding to them. If I were to become busy in dealing with such matters, I would have no time left to do things for my people.”

The commander of the American Navy during World War II was a brilliant leader and tactician, and he earned a considerable amount of fame as a result. However, he had to deal with those under his command, inferiors who harbored jealousy towards him and subordinates who constantly attacked him behind his back with curses and criticism. And as is usually the case in such instances, he was well aware of what they said about him. He commented on this, saying, “I now have an immunity from criticism. I have become old and am now cognizant of the fact that words cannot destroy greatness, nor can they bring down a sturdy fence.”

A poet said:
“What do the poets want from me (through attacking me verbally)
And I have past in age the limit of forty.”

You should give a general pardon to your enemies. This way, you will be free from feelings of revenge, and free from hatred and rancor.

Appreciate the beauty of the universe

By studying and appreciating the wonders of Allah’s creation, you will find peace.
Learn from the bright sun, shining stars, rivers, streams, mountains, trees, fruits, air, and water.

A poet said:
“In everything there is a sign,
Indicating that He is One.”

An another poet said:
“O’ complainer who has no cause to grumble, Imagine how you would be if you became ill, Do you see the thorn and the roses yet remain blind? Or the dewdrops: did you miss them? He who himself is void of beauty, Sees nothing beautiful in nature.”

Einstein said that whoever looks reflectively at the Universe knows that the One who created it perfectly is All-Wise and is not playing with dice.

everything is planned and measured according to divine wisdom. And whoever studies the creation knows that there is One All-Powerful God Who sustains and manages everything and that the notion that everything happens by coincidence is false.

Protection from the Lord of all that exists reaches those who have faith in Him and faith in His being All-Powerful and Most Merciful.

A poet said:
“If this protection is directed at you,
Sleep, since everything that happens is peace.”

If one has enough food and a safe place to sleep, then he has achieved the best of the good things in this world. And many are those who are at this level in life but are thankless nonetheless.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The fatigue and stress that come with an important position

People who have important positions are taxed heavily. Their responsibilities take away from their health and peace. Very few people remain unaffected and unharmed from the stresses that are related to having strenuous and demanding jobs.
“Don’t seek to be prince (leader or governor).”
Imagine that the world came to you with everything. Where will it all go in the end? Without a doubt, all of it will perish.

A wise man warned his son:
“Do not seek to be the head, for the head is constantly aching.”
In other words, do not always aspire to be the leader or the one in charge. Bitter criticisms, curses, and tough problems are the lot of the leader.

A poet justly said:
“Half of the people are enemies of the governor, so very few, only if he is just.”

Charity give you peace of psychological

Among the factors that contribute to one’s happiness are performing acts of kindness to others and giving charity.

A man said to his wife:
“If you have prepared a meal, invite a voracious eater, for I cannot bear to eat by myself”
Then he said to her, proclaiming his philosophy:
“Name a generous person who died from being generous, or a miserly one who lived forever, and I will desist.”

Don’t be angry

Anger is one of the factors that cause depression and sadness.
The following are some of the ways of controlling your anger:
1. Combat feelings of anger as if anger itself is your enemy.
2. Make ablution. Since anger is an ember of the fire, it can be extinguished by water.
3. If you are standing, sit, and if you are sitting, lie down.
4. When you are angry, remain silent.
5. Remind yourself of the rewards of those who repress their anger and of those who forgive.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pause to reflect

Those who have knowledge about Allah (GOD) agree that when you get to the point of losing all hope, it means that Allah (GOD) has entrusted to you your own affairs. And when you have trust and hope in Allah (GOD), it means that Allah has guided you to goodness.
Allah’s slaves are always swaying from the first state to the second. During the period of a single hour, one can have his share of both. So he obeys Allah (GOD) and pleases Him, he remembers Him and thanks Him, and he is only able to do these through His help. Shortly afterwards, though, he disobeys Allah (GOD), goes against His commands, earns His anger, and is generally in a state of forgetfulness, all because Allah has left him to himself Therefore.
Allah’s slave is always oscillating between His divine care and between being forsaken.
Whenever one of Allah’s slaves witnesses this phenomenon, that of changing from one state to the other, he should appreciate the dubious nature of his situation and his extreme need of being guided by Allah (GOD) in every breath he breathes and in every moment he lives. His faith and belief are in Allah’s hand. If Allah (GOD) were to leave him alone for even the blinking of an eye, his faith would plunge to the ground. You should therefore realize that the One who is protecting your faith is the One Who is preventing the sky from falling to the earth.

Don’t aspire to fame, or else you will be taxed with stress and worries

By seeking to be the center of attention and by trying to please others, you lose both peace and stability in your life.

A poet said:
“Whoever is satisfied in following and not leading, brings serenity to his self, And spends his nights peacefully. Verily, when the wind blows strong and violently, It only tosses about the high part of the tree.”

Another poet said:
“Transparent is the gown of the one who does deeds for show, Even if he wraps it around himself, he remains naked.”

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The good life

Everything that we discussed in previous chapters concerning happiness can be summed up in the following:
Have faith in Allah (GOD), Lord of all that exists. All else that we mentioned hitherto is useless and is of no benefit unless you have faith in Allah (GOD). Believing in Allah as your Lord, in Muhammad as His Messenger and accepting Islam as your religion, these must be your foundations.
There are two conditions to gaining a good life: faith in Allah and performing good deeds.
The one who believes in Allah (GOD) and does good deeds derives two benefits:
1. A good and prosperous life in this world and in the Hereafter.
2. A tremendous reward from Allah, the Exalted.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bear trials patiently

Don’t let hardships bother you excessively.
Among the necessities or elements of faith is to be contented with all that is decreed, both what is good and what is bad.
What is decreed for us is not always in harmony with our desires and fancies. But then, we are not in a position to give suggestions. On the contrary, our right station and position is that of a worshipper, who surrenders his will.
We are all tested according to the level of our faith.
If Allah (GOD) wants good for a person, He afflicts him.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

From being a governor to becoming a carpenter

One of the princes of antiquity was a governor and son of the Caliph. He lived a life of opulence in a large castle. Anything he wanted in this world was easy for him.
One day, looking down from a balcony in the castle, he saw a man toiling in the fields. On succeeding days, The prince paid more and more attention to the man and witnessed that he always worked straight through the morning, after which, he would take a break, make ablution from a stream, and pray two units of prayer. Only when the evening came would he quit his work and go home to his family. To learn more about him, The prince invited him one day and asked him many questions. He soon learned that the worker had a wife, two sisters, and a mother that were all under his care, and it was for their sake that he toiled so assiduously. He fasted everyday and when nightfall came, he would break his fast from what he had reaped during the day. The prince asked, “And do you have any cause to complain?” He answered, “No, All praise is due to Allah (GOD), Lord of all that exists.”
So impressed was he by the simple laborer, that The prince quit the castle, resigned from his position, and traveled abroad. He was found dead years later in the vicinity of Kharasan. After leaving the castle, he worked as a carpenter, and he found happiness in his new life, happiness that was foreign to him in his former one.

People who are devoid of virtues, who have low aims, and who easily succumb to their desires are among the most unbearable of people to share company with.

A poet said:
“Your company upon me is heavy, heavy, heavy, You are in appearance a man yet an elephant in the scale of bad company.’’

Patience, preordainment, and reward from Allah (GOD) are important issues to be considered when calamity strikes. And we should know that the One Who took away is the One Who gave in the first place.

A poet said: “Wealth and family are only loans for a period, And the day must come when a loan is returned.”

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The positive effects of having true Monotheistic faith in Allah (GOD)

Only when you are the victim of some wrongdoing do certain positive effects of Monotheistic faith in Allah (GOD) become manifest in your life. When others hurt you, remember that having faith in Allah (GOD), the Exalted, will help you in many ways:
1. By having a strong faith in Allah (GOD), you will forgive the one who transgresses against you. Better yet is to have good wishes for that same person. And the highest and best level higher than simply forgiving him or simply wishing him well is to benefit or help him in some way. The first stage of forgiveness is to repress your anger, which means that you don’t reciprocate injury with injury. Then comes actual forgiveness, which means to pardon and to discard any feelings of ill will. And then finally comes doing good, or in other words, to recompense the harm that was acted out on you with a good deed or a show of kindness.
2. You will develop a stronger faith in preordainment. In other words, you will realize that the person who injured you only did so based on Allah’s preordainment and decree.
People are only means, but the One Who decrees and decides is Allah (GOD), so surrender your will to Him.
3. You will realize that the harm that was perpetrated against you was atonement for your sins and can result in an increase in ranking with Allah (GOD).
The believers are able to perceive that putting out the fire of enmity is a wise course to follow in life.
You should repay the one who harms you with a pleasant face and gentle words. Thus you will be able to extinguish the fire of hatred from his heart.
4. You will come to know your shortcomings. Or in other words, you will be aware of the fact that a person was afforded the opportunity to harm you because of your own sins.

A poet said:
“If you are in the company of a loving people, Treat them with the softness of a loving relative, And don’t take people to account for all of their mistakes, So as not to stay companionless throughout your life.”

The Indians say in one of their proverbs:
“The one who overcomes his own self is more brave than the one who conquers a city.”

Monday, December 7, 2009

Take care of your outside as well as of your inside

A person who has a pure soul cares about wearing clean clothes.
Some wise people have even said:
“When one’s garment becomes soiled, his soul will follow suit.”
The root of vexation for many people is in being neither neat nor organized nor punctual; for others, it is in having bad hygiene, dirty clothes, or a sloppy appearance.
The universe is based on order. In fact, to truly understand the depth and wisdom of our religion, one should appreciate that it came to organize our lives in both small and large matters. Everything with Allah (GOD) is according to a measure.
You should organize your appointments in a small journal or notebook, allocating time to read, to worship, to exercise, and so on.
In the library of congress hangs a large placard and written on it are the words, “The Universe is Based on Order”. This is true, for the divinely revealed Religion calls for order, organization, and harmony in action.
Allah (GOD) informed us that the affairs of the universe are not based on play and frivolity, but are by preordainment, decree, measurement, and organization.
When a mentally sick patient would be brought to the sages of Greece for treatment, they would force him to work in farming and in gardens. Only a short time would pass before he would return to health.
Tradesmen who work with their hands are, as a class, more happy, easygoing, and calm than others. If you observe laborers, you will notice strength of body and peace of mind. Both of these are consequences of a satisfaction that comes with movement, exercise, and work.

“And I seek refuge in You (My Lord) from incapability and laziness.”

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Place your complete trust in Him

Always turning to Allah (GOD), placing one’s trust in Him, and being satisfied with His care and protection these are among the most important of factors that bring happiness to the believer.
Allah: the Great and Glorious name. Going back to the root of the word, we learn a special meaning. Some say that the name Allah comes from the root A-La-Ha. This means the one whom the hearts of people love, find peace in, are happy with, turn to, and accept as their God. Also, it is impossible for the heart to find peace or comfort with other than Him.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

They agree on three points

After steeping myself in books that deal with anxiety and mental ailments, I found that scholars agree upon three fundamentals for one who seeks a cure:
1. One should have a close relationship with Allah (GOD), by worshipping Him, being obedient to Him, and turning to Him when in hardship or in ease.
2. One must close the files of the past. Episodes of the past, which when recalled only induce pain, should be forgotten and eradicated from one’s memory. Thus, a new life for a new day!
3. One should leave the future alone. Whatever has yet to occur is from the world of the unseen. Therefore it should be left alone until it comes. More particularly, one should avoid being preoccupied with predictions, expectations, and apprehensions. Life should be lived within the boundaries of today.

Beware of believing in superstitions and rumors.

I know people who for years now have been waiting for predictions of disaster and calamity to come true, predictions that, at least until now, have not materialized. They are putting fear into their own hearts and the hearts of others (How perfect is Allah(GOD)!). Leading such a life is pathetic and deplorable. The example of these people is that of the tortured prisoner in China, whose captors place him under a tap, releasing from it a drop of water every minute. The prisoner desperately waits for each drop until he loses his mind.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The wrongdoing of the transgressor

“To judgment is our destination on the Day of Gathering, And in front of Allah (GOD) will be gathered all adversaries.”
Sufficient justice and retribution for the believer is that he waits for the day wherein Allah (GOD) will gather the first and the last (of creation). The judge on that day will be Allah and the witnesses will be the angels.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Faith in God, purity of heart and Contentment of earning a living are the secrets of happiness

Buzrjamhar, the wise man of Persia, related the story of Khosrau the king and the old lady:
The latter possessed a chicken and a small hut, which was situated on a small plot of land that neighbored the palace of Khosrau. One day, she had to travel to another village, and before departing she prayed, “O’ my Lord, I entrust my chicken to You.” During her absence, Khosrau usurped her property in order to expand the gardens of his palace. His army slaughtered the chicken and destroyed the cottage. When she returned and discovered the deplorable act, she turned her gaze to the sky and said, “O’ my Lord, I was absent and where were You?” Then Allah (GOD) granted revenge for her. It came to pass that the son of Khosrau attacked his father with a knife and killed him.
The believer has a mission and a message that are more important than revenge, malice, and hate.
Most people who are remembered today for their greatness had to overcome many obstacles on their path: their perseverance was akin to obstinacy. They felt a weakness in one faculty or area that required compensation in another.
Many great scholars were handicapped in one way or another. Some were blind, others were deaf, and yet others were bereft of a limb, and so on. Yet despite these handicaps, they influenced generations to come after them, and they were able to contribute to mankind.
A diploma from a prestigious University is not everything. Do not be down or despondent because you weren’t able to earn a University degree. Even without a diploma in your hand, you can still shine and contribute greatly to mankind. There are many famous and eminent people who do not have degrees. They made their way in life and overcame insurmountable obstacles with an iron will and a strong determination.
You have a great treasure with you if you are of the type who is contented with any situation.
Be contented with your family, your income, your car, and your job. If you are contented with all of these, then you will have found happiness and peace.
A man related that he once entered a taxi at the airport and ordered the driver to take him to the city. He said, “I noticed that the driver was happy and good-humored. He would constantly praise Allah (GOD), thank Him, and remember Him. I asked him about his family and he said that he was the breadwinner for two families. Meanwhile, his monthly salary was a paltry sum of 800 $, and he and his family had to live in a run-down building. Yet, his mind was at peace because he was thankful for what Allah (GOD) had allotted for him.”
The narrator then went on to say, “I felt amazed when I compared this man to others who lead a life of affluence with money, luxury cars, and large mansions. In spite of such opulence, they live such miserable lives, and upon reflection, I realized that happiness is not in wealth.”
I knew a tycoon who had hundreds of millions and a number of mansions. He was miserable in his relationships, always seething with anger and always brooding in a state of depression. He died estranged from his family, and he went through all of this misery because he was not satisfied with what Allah (GOD) gave him.
I know people who have been afflicted with poverty, misery, and depression. In the case of every one of them, the cause of their downfall was that they were far away from Allah (GOD). You will find that one of them was rich, comfortable, and in a state of good health from his Lord. But then he turned away from the obedience of Allah (GOD). He was negligent in performing his prayers and he began to commit major sins. So Allah (GOD), the Almighty, took away his health and wealth and replaced them with the hardship of poverty, worry, and anxiety. He went from misery to misery, from low-point to a point that was even lower.
If I were able to perform a miracle, I would remove off you your troubles and grief, however, being bereft of the ability thereof, I will suffice by prescribing for you a medical prescription that is given by the scholars. It is to worship the Creator (without associating any partner with Him in worship), to be contented with your provision, to be abstemious, and to decrease the level of your expectations for this life.

The famous American psychologist, William James, spoke these words that caught my attention:
“We, humankind, brood over what we don’t own and we don’t thank Allah (GOD) for what we do own. We always dwell on the tragic and dark side of our lives, and we don’t look at the brighter side of our existence. We rue over what is missing in our lives and we are not happy with what is there.”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A few words about the foolish (9-1)

In a magazine I found an interesting article on Communism, written by a scholar:
The Russians sent a spacecraft to outer space and after it returned, one of their astronauts was quoted in Pravda as saying, “We ascended to the sky and we found no god there, no paradise, no hell, and no angels.”
In response, the scholar wrote, “Truly amazing you are, O’ red fools. Do you think that you will see Allah (GOD) on His throne in the open? Do you have the temerity to think that you will see the maidens of Paradise walking around in silk? Or that you will hear the flowing of Al-­Kawthar (a river in Paradise)? Or that you will smell the stench of those being punished in the Fire? If you truly thought this, then your loss and failure is open for all to see. All that I can think of to explain your misguidance, wandering, and foolishness is the communism and atheism in your heads. Communism is a day without a tomorrow, a ground without a sky, work without an end, and a constant toiling without results.”
Atheism is a deathblow to one’s thinking. It is an idea that is as farfetched as any imaginary world that a child is able to conjure up and it is an error unsurpassed in the annals of errors.
Allah (GOD) guides the heart of one who recognizes that a calamity is by pre-ordainment and decree.
Some eminent western writers such as Kersey Meerson, Alexis Carlyle and Dale Carnegie readily admit that the savoir of the material-minded, declining West is a belief in Allah (GOD). They propound the view that the reason behind the increasingly alarming phenomenon of suicide in the west is atheism and a lack of faith in Allah (GOD), Lord of all that exists.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Each livelihood had been decided by Allah(GOD), you will get it certainly (9-2)

A person who is impatient about his sustenance, worried about why he has so little, and unsatisfied at being lower than others in worldly status must be sure that one does not die until he receives all of the provision that was decreed for him. Sustenance and provision were preordained and decided upon fifty thousand years before the creation was created.