Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bliss versus the Fire (11-3)

News agencies around the world reported the suicidal death of a French minister during the rule of Mitterand. The reason behind the suicide was that French newspapers waged an unmitigated war against the minister by besmirching his name and reputation. Having found no faith or sanctuary to resort to, or in which to seek support, he destroyed his own life.
This wretched man, who sought refuge in self-destruction, was not guided by the divine guidance. It was because he was lost and was far away from the path of truth.

There are some who suggest that every person who is downtrodden or who is in a hapless situation should go on a nature expedition, listen to music, go skiing, or play chess or backgammon.
But the believer lay claim to a cure that is more effective:
it is to sit in the Mosque between the call to prayer and the actual commencement of prayer in order to remember Allah(GOD) and to submit to and be contented with the divine decree. And it is of equal importance that one places his total trust in Allah(GOD).

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