Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A good life (11-4)

A Western thinker said:
“It is most possible for you, while you are behind steel bars, to look out upon the horizon and to smell roses. It is also extremely plausible for you to be in a castle replete with opulence and comfort, and yet be angry and discontented with your family and wealth.”

Therefore happiness is not determined by time or by place, but instead by faith in GOD and obedience to Him, matters that are rooted in a person’s heart. The heart has a far-reaching significance in that it is the place that GOD looks at and scrutinizes. If faith settles itself in the heart, happiness and tranquility will pervade both the heart and the soul.


  1. So true, happiness in internal and not always obvious.

  2. great stuff i admire your blog keep on posting