Friday, July 24, 2009

Two secrets about sinner, even if you know them, don’t sin (10-3)

Some of the people of knowledge mentioned that :

1. After one repents from a sin, one’s feelings of self-importance and sanctimoniousness are quelled.

2. Allah’s (GOD’s) names and attributes, such as the Most Merciful and the Oft-Forgiving, bear a greater meaning to the one who sins and then repents than they do to others.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Search for a sustenance,but don’t be predatory (10-4)

All glory and praise is for the Creator and Provider. He gives sustenance to the worm in the ground, the fish beneath water, the bird in the air, the ant in the dark, and the snake within the crevice of a rock.
One of the Wise mentioned something he witnessed that was wonderful yet strange. A blind snake lived on a branch at the top of a tree. A bird would come to it with food in its mouth. It would chirp a signal to the snake, which in return would open its mouth and allow the bird to insert the food. All praise and glory belongs to Allah (GOD), Who made this one to help the other.
Provision came to Mariyam (Mary) day and night. It was said to her, “How does this come to you.” She replied, “It is from Allah (GOD). Verily, Allah provides for whom He wishes without reckoning.” So do not worry, for your sustenance is guaranteed.
People must realize that the Provider for both father and son is the One Who begets not, nor is He begotten.
The proprietor of infinite treasures has guaranteed your sustenance.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pause to reflect (10-5)

As for the prayer, its significance, or rather part of its significance, is that it empties the heart from bad feelings and fills it with strength and pleasure. During prayer, one’s heart and soul are in communication with Allah(GOD). Closeness to Him, the comfort realized from asking of Him, and the spirituality felt from standing in front of Him, these are all realized during the prayer. Every limb is used in the prayer, but what is more important is that the heart must be wakeful as well. When one prays, tranquility and peace are achieved, as one travels away, at least spiritually, from enemies and troubles. Thus the prayer is one of the most potent of remedies for the diseases of the heart. Yet only the worthy heart benefits from prayer, the weak heart, on the other hand, is like the body, in that it seeks its sustenance from material matter.
Therefore prayer is the greatest way to help us achieve the blessings of both this world and the Hereafter. The prayer precludes one from sins, defends against diseases, illuminates both heart and face, makes one active, and in general, brings good upon the person who performs it sincerely.