Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Enemies of the Divine way (12-2)

As I was reading material written by proponents of atheism, it became clear to me that those writers blatantly showed enmity toward the principles of the true Religion. From what I read from those writers, and from what I perceived in terms of their ill manners and lack of humility, I feel shy even to relate what they said and wrote.
Suffice it to say I realized that a person who does not have principles and who does not attribute a correct meaning to life becomes transformed into an animal possessing only the shape and appearance of a man.

I asked myself how is it possible for them to be happy despite their having turned away from GOD, Who owns happiness and gives it to whomsoever He pleases.How could they be happy after having severed the rope between them and Him and after having shut the doors of GOD’s vast mercy upon their own weak selves? How could they find happiness and comfort after having earned His anger and after having waged war upon Him?
I grasped that the first punishment they receive is one that is inflicted upon them in this life as an introduction or prelude to the greater punishment (that is, if they fail to repent) of the Hereafter.This harbinger of punishment includes misery, general apathy, a feeling of being constricted, and a sense of hopelessness.
Many people who are from this category wish that their life would end.Some common factors between atheists of old and present, day atheists are, a lack of appropriate manners with GOD, an arbitrary approach to deciding upon values and principles, and a lack of knowledge, or a feigned lack of knowledge, of the evil end-results of their actions.In addition they share a general lack of care for what they say, do, or write.
The only solution available to these staunch atheists if they wish to depart from their worries and problems is, if they don’t repent and follow true guidance, to commit suicide and thus end their bitter and lowly existence.

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  1. I often ponder of the thought processes of an atheist. I couldn't imagine going through life 'alone', so to speak. The challenge here, I think is to allow them to have and follow their point of view because they have, from whatever experiences they've had in their lives, come to this sad (my opinion) conclusion.