Thursday, May 21, 2009

security is a must (11-7)

Security of the heart is the faith and sureness of knowing the truth. Security of the home is its freedom from shame and deviation and its being replete with tranquility and Divine guidance. Security of our nation is its being united with love, being founded upon justice, and in its application of the Shari‘ah. And fear is the enemy of security
Based on the abovementioned categories of security, there is no true peace and security for the frightened one or for the disbeliever.
By Allah (GOD), how pitiable is the life of this world! If you are prosperous in one facet of your life, you are sure to be miserable in another. If wealth comes on one hand, sickness arrives on the other. If your body is healthy, some other form of difficulty will arise. And when everything seems to be going well and you finally feel a sense of stability, you are ready to be put into a coffin.

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