Sunday, May 24, 2009

Such is the Seizure of your Lord (11-6)

One can become sad and wretched for different reasons, the following are some of them, to do wrong to others, to usurp their rights, and to hurt the meek among mankind.
Some of the wise used to say:
“Fear the one who finds no helper against you (in your wrongdoing) except GOD.”
That we should ask for GOD’s Pleasure and for His Mercy in the Hereafter, that we invoke GOD to save us from His anger and punishment, and that we ask Him for help in worshipping Him and thanking Him, these are some of the more salient themes that are stressed in the previous supplications. Regarding these themes, there is one uniting or common factor, that we should seek what is with GOD and turn away from what is in this world, or in other words, that we must not be covetous of material things that are, by their very nature, evanescent.

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