Friday, May 29, 2009

Everyone is searching for happiness, but ….. (11-1)

Few are those who are guided to the path that truly leads to happiness. Regarding that and other paths, here are three points for you to reflect upon:
1- Whoever does not make the pleasure of Allah(GOD) to be his main concern in life will end up losing in the end.
2- There are too many people in this world who think they are doing well, but who, in reality, are losing out on this life and the Hereafter, simply because they turn their backs to the true Religion.
3- In order to achieve happiness, people attempt to follow many complicated and tricky paths. Little do they know that an easier path is ready for them in the religion of (.................) a path that will bring them the best of this life and the Hereafter.

So I ask you my dear friend to search for the right religion, that God Almighty has created the humankind to worship, this is the real target of these fleeting life, so my dear friend you have to read in all the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and to reflect with your mind on what you read without obstinacy or Stubbornness, or any external influence and to request an advisory opinion from the heart, my friend Come quickly before the day which will come when no remorse for you, That day of judgment, May win paradise, or anguish and regret with the hellfire, Since I'm of the believers of Islam, Offer you this book with format of Pdf ( ) written by a group of Westerners who converted to Islam, this book contains a simplified and explained by the wealth of information about Islam, and in all fairness and impartiality I am all ready to put a link (you send me in a comment) in this post of a book explains the Christian and another to explain Judaism.

Prepare for bad times by being thankful when all is well (11-2)

Supplicate often in times of comfort, peace, and well-being. Among the characteristics of the believer is that he is thankful and resolute, he sharpens the arrow before releasing it from the bow, and he turns to GOD before he is afflicted. The opposite of the believer in this regard is the vile disbeliever. Therefore if we truly want to be saved, we must remain steadfast in supplicating and praising GOD. The purpose of supplicating to GOD during times of ease, as has been mentioned by one of the imams, is to praise Allah(GOD), to thank Him, and to recognize His many favors, and at the same time, to ask for guidance and help. It is also important to seek forgiveness for your shortcomings, no matter how hard you try, you cannot completely fulfill the rights that GOD has upon you.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bliss versus the Fire (11-3)

News agencies around the world reported the suicidal death of a French minister during the rule of Mitterand. The reason behind the suicide was that French newspapers waged an unmitigated war against the minister by besmirching his name and reputation. Having found no faith or sanctuary to resort to, or in which to seek support, he destroyed his own life.
This wretched man, who sought refuge in self-destruction, was not guided by the divine guidance. It was because he was lost and was far away from the path of truth.

There are some who suggest that every person who is downtrodden or who is in a hapless situation should go on a nature expedition, listen to music, go skiing, or play chess or backgammon.
But the believer lay claim to a cure that is more effective:
it is to sit in the Mosque between the call to prayer and the actual commencement of prayer in order to remember Allah(GOD) and to submit to and be contented with the divine decree. And it is of equal importance that one places his total trust in Allah(GOD).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A good life (11-4)

A Western thinker said:
“It is most possible for you, while you are behind steel bars, to look out upon the horizon and to smell roses. It is also extremely plausible for you to be in a castle replete with opulence and comfort, and yet be angry and discontented with your family and wealth.”

Therefore happiness is not determined by time or by place, but instead by faith in GOD and obedience to Him, matters that are rooted in a person’s heart. The heart has a far-reaching significance in that it is the place that GOD looks at and scrutinizes. If faith settles itself in the heart, happiness and tranquility will pervade both the heart and the soul.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What then is happiness? (11-5)

“Live in this world as if you are a stranger or a traveler who is just passing through.”
Happiness is not in mansions in treasures or in gardens of roses.
Bliss and happiness were the lot of the Prophets’s Companions even though they were poor and led harsh lives.
Happiness is not a cheque cashed, a car bought, or oil pumped.
Happiness is the solace that is derived from being upon the truth, a peace of mind that is achieved by living according to sound principles, and calmness that is brought about by living a life of goodness.
We used to think that if we bought a bigger house, had more things, and purchased the latest appliances and machines that make life easier, we would be happy and joyful. And then it surprised us when we found that these very things were the cause of worry, anxiety, and trouble in our lives.
Uprightness calms both conscience and soul.
The doer of good is always at peace and the sinner is always wary and suspicious of what goes on around him.
The wrongdoer goes from anxiety to suspicion and then finally to paranoia.

“If one does ill he will feel suspicious, And he will believe whatever he imagines and fancies.”
The solution for anyone who seeks happiness clearly lies in doing well and avoiding evil.
Being a Believer who is spiritually healthy is better than achieving the kingdoms of Khosrau and Caesar, since your religion is what will remain with you until you settle in the gardens of Paradise.
As for power and position, they are but momentary and fleeting.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Such is the Seizure of your Lord (11-6)

One can become sad and wretched for different reasons, the following are some of them, to do wrong to others, to usurp their rights, and to hurt the meek among mankind.
Some of the wise used to say:
“Fear the one who finds no helper against you (in your wrongdoing) except GOD.”
That we should ask for GOD’s Pleasure and for His Mercy in the Hereafter, that we invoke GOD to save us from His anger and punishment, and that we ask Him for help in worshipping Him and thanking Him, these are some of the more salient themes that are stressed in the previous supplications. Regarding these themes, there is one uniting or common factor, that we should seek what is with GOD and turn away from what is in this world, or in other words, that we must not be covetous of material things that are, by their very nature, evanescent.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

security is a must (11-7)

Security of the heart is the faith and sureness of knowing the truth. Security of the home is its freedom from shame and deviation and its being replete with tranquility and Divine guidance. Security of our nation is its being united with love, being founded upon justice, and in its application of the Shari‘ah. And fear is the enemy of security
Based on the abovementioned categories of security, there is no true peace and security for the frightened one or for the disbeliever.
By Allah (GOD), how pitiable is the life of this world! If you are prosperous in one facet of your life, you are sure to be miserable in another. If wealth comes on one hand, sickness arrives on the other. If your body is healthy, some other form of difficulty will arise. And when everything seems to be going well and you finally feel a sense of stability, you are ready to be put into a coffin.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fleeting glory (11-8)

Happiness, if it is of the true kind, must be perpetual in its presence and complete in its magnitude. In terms of always being present, I mean that it should never be interrupted by worry and that it should exist for one, both in this world and in the Hereafter. Its completeness is realized when it is neither spoiled nor diminished by troubles or worries.
In the past, one of the kings of Iraq, set under a tree to relax and to drink alcohol. He called a wise man to come and advise him. The wise man said “O’ King, do you know what this tree says?” The king said, “No, what does it say”, The wise man replied:
‘‘Many people sought rest around me, To drink wine mixed with pure water, Soon after, time began to play with them (i.e. some harm befell them), And time is such, always changing from one state to another.”
Being tormented by the eventuality described to him, the king became embittered; he quit drinking and he remained miserable until he died.
As the Shah of Iran celebrated the passing of two thousand five hundred years since the establishment of the Persian Empire, he began to make plans for expanding the scope of his power to lands outside of his reign. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was toppled from power, Chased from his castle and his world, he died in exile as a poor man in a far-off country. No one shed tears for him.
A similar case is that of Chaucesco, the former president of Rumania. He ruled for twenty-two years, and he had 70,000 personal guards. But in the end, it was his own people who surrounded his castle. They tore apart his body one limb after another. Thus he died without anything to show for his long reign, no worldly goods did he take with him and no prospect of prosperity in the Hereafter.
Another example is the former leader of the Philippines, Marcos. He gathered wealth and power for himself while heaping misery upon his people. In turn, Allah (GOD) made him to feel that same misery as he was driven away from his country, his family, and his power. With no sanctuary to turn to, he died ignominiously, even his own people refused to allow him to be buried in the Philippines.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everlastingness and Paradise.....are there, and not here! (12-1)

Do you wish to stay young, healthy, rich, and immortal? If you desire these things, you will not find them in this world; however, you can find them in the Hereafter. Allah (GOD), the Exalted, has decreed misery and impermanence for this world. He called this life a trifle and an enjoyment of deception.
There is a well known poet from long ago, who for the greater part of his life lived a life of penury. In the prime of his youth, he wanted money and could not get it. He wanted a wife too, but he failed in that pursuit as well. When he became old, with white hair and brittle bones, he became rich. Many women were now willing to marry him and he lived a comfortable life.
The irony of his story is that he was poor when he was able to enjoy all comforts and that he became rich when he could no longer enjoy the pleasures of life.
He composed these verses in the latter part of his life:
“What I desired to own when I was only twenty, Came into my possession after turning eighty,
Young Turkish girls now surround me, Singing and wearing silks and jewels,
They say, Your moans keep us awake all night long, So what is it that you complain of ? I said, Of being an octogenarian.”
“The example of this world is that of a rider who seeks shade under a tree, to rest for a short period of time, and then he gets up and leaves.”

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Enemies of the Divine way (12-2)

As I was reading material written by proponents of atheism, it became clear to me that those writers blatantly showed enmity toward the principles of the true Religion. From what I read from those writers, and from what I perceived in terms of their ill manners and lack of humility, I feel shy even to relate what they said and wrote.
Suffice it to say I realized that a person who does not have principles and who does not attribute a correct meaning to life becomes transformed into an animal possessing only the shape and appearance of a man.

I asked myself how is it possible for them to be happy despite their having turned away from GOD, Who owns happiness and gives it to whomsoever He pleases.How could they be happy after having severed the rope between them and Him and after having shut the doors of GOD’s vast mercy upon their own weak selves? How could they find happiness and comfort after having earned His anger and after having waged war upon Him?
I grasped that the first punishment they receive is one that is inflicted upon them in this life as an introduction or prelude to the greater punishment (that is, if they fail to repent) of the Hereafter.This harbinger of punishment includes misery, general apathy, a feeling of being constricted, and a sense of hopelessness.
Many people who are from this category wish that their life would end.Some common factors between atheists of old and present, day atheists are, a lack of appropriate manners with GOD, an arbitrary approach to deciding upon values and principles, and a lack of knowledge, or a feigned lack of knowledge, of the evil end-results of their actions.In addition they share a general lack of care for what they say, do, or write.
The only solution available to these staunch atheists if they wish to depart from their worries and problems is, if they don’t repent and follow true guidance, to commit suicide and thus end their bitter and lowly existence.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The reality of this life (12-3)

One will be happy to the degree that one remembers Allah (GOD) and recites His Book. And after considering this principle, one may estimate his worth in this world and in the Hereafter.
We should realize that this life is not the yardstick of success when we see that the disbeliever often lives a life of opulence while the believer is often precluded from many worldly pleasures, a phenomenon that merely indicates the paltry value of this world which equal nothing on GOD, then Life is a difficult test, not impossible for humans, who has Successfully will profit paradise.