Saturday, December 5, 2009

They agree on three points

After steeping myself in books that deal with anxiety and mental ailments, I found that scholars agree upon three fundamentals for one who seeks a cure:
1. One should have a close relationship with Allah (GOD), by worshipping Him, being obedient to Him, and turning to Him when in hardship or in ease.
2. One must close the files of the past. Episodes of the past, which when recalled only induce pain, should be forgotten and eradicated from one’s memory. Thus, a new life for a new day!
3. One should leave the future alone. Whatever has yet to occur is from the world of the unseen. Therefore it should be left alone until it comes. More particularly, one should avoid being preoccupied with predictions, expectations, and apprehensions. Life should be lived within the boundaries of today.

Beware of believing in superstitions and rumors.

I know people who for years now have been waiting for predictions of disaster and calamity to come true, predictions that, at least until now, have not materialized. They are putting fear into their own hearts and the hearts of others (How perfect is Allah(GOD)!). Leading such a life is pathetic and deplorable. The example of these people is that of the tortured prisoner in China, whose captors place him under a tap, releasing from it a drop of water every minute. The prisoner desperately waits for each drop until he loses his mind.

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