Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The positive effects of having true Monotheistic faith in Allah (GOD)

Only when you are the victim of some wrongdoing do certain positive effects of Monotheistic faith in Allah (GOD) become manifest in your life. When others hurt you, remember that having faith in Allah (GOD), the Exalted, will help you in many ways:
1. By having a strong faith in Allah (GOD), you will forgive the one who transgresses against you. Better yet is to have good wishes for that same person. And the highest and best level higher than simply forgiving him or simply wishing him well is to benefit or help him in some way. The first stage of forgiveness is to repress your anger, which means that you don’t reciprocate injury with injury. Then comes actual forgiveness, which means to pardon and to discard any feelings of ill will. And then finally comes doing good, or in other words, to recompense the harm that was acted out on you with a good deed or a show of kindness.
2. You will develop a stronger faith in preordainment. In other words, you will realize that the person who injured you only did so based on Allah’s preordainment and decree.
People are only means, but the One Who decrees and decides is Allah (GOD), so surrender your will to Him.
3. You will realize that the harm that was perpetrated against you was atonement for your sins and can result in an increase in ranking with Allah (GOD).
The believers are able to perceive that putting out the fire of enmity is a wise course to follow in life.
You should repay the one who harms you with a pleasant face and gentle words. Thus you will be able to extinguish the fire of hatred from his heart.
4. You will come to know your shortcomings. Or in other words, you will be aware of the fact that a person was afforded the opportunity to harm you because of your own sins.

A poet said:
“If you are in the company of a loving people, Treat them with the softness of a loving relative, And don’t take people to account for all of their mistakes, So as not to stay companionless throughout your life.”

The Indians say in one of their proverbs:
“The one who overcomes his own self is more brave than the one who conquers a city.”

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