Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A few words about the foolish (9-1)

In a magazine I found an interesting article on Communism, written by a scholar:
The Russians sent a spacecraft to outer space and after it returned, one of their astronauts was quoted in Pravda as saying, “We ascended to the sky and we found no god there, no paradise, no hell, and no angels.”
In response, the scholar wrote, “Truly amazing you are, O’ red fools. Do you think that you will see Allah (GOD) on His throne in the open? Do you have the temerity to think that you will see the maidens of Paradise walking around in silk? Or that you will hear the flowing of Al-­Kawthar (a river in Paradise)? Or that you will smell the stench of those being punished in the Fire? If you truly thought this, then your loss and failure is open for all to see. All that I can think of to explain your misguidance, wandering, and foolishness is the communism and atheism in your heads. Communism is a day without a tomorrow, a ground without a sky, work without an end, and a constant toiling without results.”
Atheism is a deathblow to one’s thinking. It is an idea that is as farfetched as any imaginary world that a child is able to conjure up and it is an error unsurpassed in the annals of errors.
Allah (GOD) guides the heart of one who recognizes that a calamity is by pre-ordainment and decree.
Some eminent western writers such as Kersey Meerson, Alexis Carlyle and Dale Carnegie readily admit that the savoir of the material-minded, declining West is a belief in Allah (GOD). They propound the view that the reason behind the increasingly alarming phenomenon of suicide in the west is atheism and a lack of faith in Allah (GOD), Lord of all that exists.

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