Monday, December 7, 2009

Take care of your outside as well as of your inside

A person who has a pure soul cares about wearing clean clothes.
Some wise people have even said:
“When one’s garment becomes soiled, his soul will follow suit.”
The root of vexation for many people is in being neither neat nor organized nor punctual; for others, it is in having bad hygiene, dirty clothes, or a sloppy appearance.
The universe is based on order. In fact, to truly understand the depth and wisdom of our religion, one should appreciate that it came to organize our lives in both small and large matters. Everything with Allah (GOD) is according to a measure.
You should organize your appointments in a small journal or notebook, allocating time to read, to worship, to exercise, and so on.
In the library of congress hangs a large placard and written on it are the words, “The Universe is Based on Order”. This is true, for the divinely revealed Religion calls for order, organization, and harmony in action.
Allah (GOD) informed us that the affairs of the universe are not based on play and frivolity, but are by preordainment, decree, measurement, and organization.
When a mentally sick patient would be brought to the sages of Greece for treatment, they would force him to work in farming and in gardens. Only a short time would pass before he would return to health.
Tradesmen who work with their hands are, as a class, more happy, easygoing, and calm than others. If you observe laborers, you will notice strength of body and peace of mind. Both of these are consequences of a satisfaction that comes with movement, exercise, and work.

“And I seek refuge in You (My Lord) from incapability and laziness.”

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