Friday, December 25, 2009

Appreciate the beauty of the universe

By studying and appreciating the wonders of Allah’s creation, you will find peace.
Learn from the bright sun, shining stars, rivers, streams, mountains, trees, fruits, air, and water.

A poet said:
“In everything there is a sign,
Indicating that He is One.”

An another poet said:
“O’ complainer who has no cause to grumble, Imagine how you would be if you became ill, Do you see the thorn and the roses yet remain blind? Or the dewdrops: did you miss them? He who himself is void of beauty, Sees nothing beautiful in nature.”

Einstein said that whoever looks reflectively at the Universe knows that the One who created it perfectly is All-Wise and is not playing with dice.

everything is planned and measured according to divine wisdom. And whoever studies the creation knows that there is One All-Powerful God Who sustains and manages everything and that the notion that everything happens by coincidence is false.

Protection from the Lord of all that exists reaches those who have faith in Him and faith in His being All-Powerful and Most Merciful.

A poet said:
“If this protection is directed at you,
Sleep, since everything that happens is peace.”

If one has enough food and a safe place to sleep, then he has achieved the best of the good things in this world. And many are those who are at this level in life but are thankless nonetheless.

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