Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A word on reading (12-10)

Reading opens the mind, guides one to correct morals, and sharpens one’s ability to think. Reading is a comfort for the lonely, a stimulant for the thinker, and a lamp for the traveler.
To not read makes one limited in one’s speech, thinking, and personality. Most books contain at least some benefit, whether it is in wise sayings, interesting stones, strange experiences, or new knowledge.
It can even be said that the benefits of reading are beyond enumeration, And we seek refuge in GOD from one of the greatest of calamities, to have weak determination and will power.


  1. exactly! it's just that i'm not fond of it.

  2. great post! reading is not only all of the things you mentioned, but it also takes you away from reality for a moment, allowing you to explore various lands and cultures, while allowing you to perhaps, walk in other people's shoes. when i saw this post, i thought of my little 8 year old cousin who loves to read. she's in the 2nd grade, but she's reading on a 5th grade level, and you know, to talk to her, you may think you're talking to a teenager.

  3. So True...i should really read more hehehe