Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The key to happiness (12-4)

If you know GOD and worship Him, you will have found happiness and peace, even if you are living in a hut made of mud.
But if you deviate from the true path, your life will truly be wretched, even if you are living a life of luxury and comfort in a large mansion.

If this latter case applies to you, then you do not have with you the key to happiness.


  1. Correct! Happiness only comes from the Lord! What we find here is but temporary. A better word i think is JOY! God bless you!

    Your Daily Word

  2. what a great word of wisdom, and its incredibly correct as i have experienced being a person having complete faith on Almighty i found my self never be in problem .. because when problem came to me i believe there must not be a better path for me than this other wise God will not let me face it and when i over come it i realize that God want me to know my worth my strength and my power to over come any hurdle with his kind help..
    Thanx Lord for always been there for me.
    and thanx to you for such true words.