Sunday, April 12, 2009

O’ son of Adam, do not despair (12-11)

O’ man: man who is bored of life, who finds it difficult to pass the days, and who has tasted the bitter vicissitudes of life, remember that ease follows difficulty, that GOD’S promise is true, and that, if you are true and sincere, victory is near.
For your dilemma, whatever it may be, there is a cure, and for your difficulty, whatever it may be, there is a solution.
O’ Man: the time has come for you to remedy your doubts with faith and your deviant thoughts with guidance. You must remove the veil of darkness that covers you so that you can see the brightness of a true sunrise; you must supplant the bitterness of sorrow with the sweetness of contentment.
O’ Man: beyond the dry desert that you are crossing you will find green pasture and fertile soil. The fruits therein grow profusely from all directions.
O’ Man, who because of sleepless nights, screams in the late hours of the night.
O’ whose mind has wandered in grief, move to action without haste, for upon the horizon of the unseen lies a solution and a way out of your difficulties.
O’ you, whose eyes are loaded with tears, repress your tears and give leisure to your eyelids. Relax and know that your Creator protects and aids, and that His Mercy for you will bring you peace. Be peaceful in mind, O’ slave of GOD, for the divine decree is written and all matters have been decided upon. And know that your reward is secure with He Who doesn’t disappoint the one who seeks to please Him.
Be at peace, for after poverty comes wealth, after thirst comes drink, after separation comes a joyous meeting, and after sleeplessness comes sound rest.
O’ you who are oppressed in the lands, who suffer from hunger, pain, sickness and poverty, rejoice in the knowledge that you will soon be satisfied with food and that you will be happy and in good health.
Every Human must have good thoughts about his Lord and must wait patiently for His favor, for ALLAH (GOD) the One Who has the power to say “Be” to something and it is, is worthy to be trusted in regards to His promise. No one can bring good except for Him and no one can ward off evil except for Him. For every action He has wisdom and after every hour He brings ease. He made morning to follow the night and rain to follow dryness. He gives to be thanked and He puts to trial to know and He has knowledge of all things those who are patient. Therefore it is in the best interest of the Human to strengthen his relationship with his Lord and to ask Him more frequently.


  1. Very meaningful poem a lot of emotion could be felt from reading it. I like your blog you provide very interesting insights about depression and anxiety.

  2. Profound insight, what I believe in is positive thinking, think positively and only positive things will happen to you, faith in god and faith in yourself is the key.

  3. I am a firm believer in positive thinking and try not to get depressed. Just have to look at what you have and forget what you don't have. Life is too short to be depressed all the time.

  4. Assalamu alaikum,
    brother u have chosen really a great subject to help the depressed people in the world. And i think u are doing it very well.
    Keep it going.