Monday, April 20, 2009

What the wise say about patience (12-6)

The following words are ascribed to somewiser:
“Calamity in this life is of two kinds. The first kind allows for a way out, worrying is its remedy. The second kind permits for no solution or way out: patience is its cure.”
It is also said that, “Whoever follows patience, success will follow him.”

It has also been said:
“Strive to remain alive by seeking out death. For how many have remained because they sought out death and how many have perished who preferred to stay! And safety most often comes after treading the path of uncertainty.”

People would say:
“Verily, even in evil, there are degrees of better and worse.’ ,

Somewiser explained the meaning of this expression, saying, “If you are afflicted with a hardship, know that you could have been hit with far worse. If you have such an outlook, you will be better able to deal with the hardship.”

A way out of difficulty most often comes when hope is lost.
Sometimes GOD brings success and relief when hope is lost and all seems dark. This is in order to encourage us to turn our hopes to Him, to trust completely in Him, and to never lose hope of His help at any time. Also, when afflicted, one should be satisfied with the knowledge that he was afflicted with something minor and was saved from what could have been worse.

Somewiser said,
“Perhaps GOD tests a slave with a calamity but then saves him from destruction. Thus, the calamity is really a great blessing (in disguise).”

It has been said that whoever forbears a hardship, and is content with GOD’S decree by being patient, then some hidden benefit or blessing will come about for him through that experience.

Somewiser also said:
“Beware of complaining if you are caught in the sharp claws of a hardship, for the way to safety is a difficult path to tread.”

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