Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pause to reflect (12-12)

Loving GOD, knowing Him, remembering Him, seeking peace in Him, singling Him out for complete love, fear, hope, and dependence, these are qualities that, when combined in a person, constitute a sort of heaven on earth. They are qualities that bring peace to those who love GOD, a sort of peace that has no comparison in this world.
If the heart is content and has a strong attachment to GOD, anxiety and grief will be removed from it. And vice versa, no one feels more constricted with grief than someone whose heart is attached to other than GOD, someone who forgets GOD’S remembrance and who is not satisfied with what He has given him. We can verify this reality by studying cases of those who have passed before us.

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  1. Fill your heart with God and there'll be no room for the devil.