Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Overlooking the faults of one’s friends (13-7)

It is not right for you to forsake your friend because of one or two faults that you find in him, especially if the rest of his character is honorable. As we know, perfection for any one of us is unattainable.
The wiser said:
“How is it that you want your friend to possess a specific pattern of characteristics when your soul, which is the closest of souls to you, does not always obey your commands. What right do you then have to expect another person’s soul to follow your orders.”

It is enough for you that you are satisfied with the main part of your friend’s character.
Some of the wise said:
“We are still not satisfied with ourselves, so how then can we expect ourselves to be satisfied with others.”

It has also been said:
“Don’t remain aloof from someone who impresses you with a good character and sound judgment because of some minor fault that is surrounded by an ocean of virtues. You will not find, as long as you live, a person so cultivated that he is free from blemish and sin. Contemplate your own self and how it often errs and strays. This kind of introspection makes your demand on others more balanced and makes you more sympathetic to the sinner.”

A poet said:
“Who is the one whose character is untainted, Sufficient worthiness for someone is that his defects can be counted.”

It has been said that one’s suspicions concerning one’s friend should not ruin a good mutual trust that has been tested over time.
A poet said:
“You seek a cultivated person who is free from defects,
But does the aloe exude a pleasant odor without smoke.”

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