Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everything in the universe glorifies GOD (14-14)

The world of bees is full of wonders that remind us of GOD’s care. The tiny bee leaves its hive in order to seek out sustenance. It lands on a good and pure surface and sucks out nectar. It then returns with a liquid that provides remedy for people, always returning to its own hive without losing its way.
you should realize that there is a hidden care and protection from GOD and that you should supplicate and pray to Him Alone for all of your needs. You should realize that everyone else in this universe is weak and helpless; they also need to worship GOD, to ask Him for sustenance, for health, and for happiness, because He owns everything.
You must have an unshakeable faith in GOD, and you should know that all of your supplications and hopes have to be directed to Him and not to weak, helpless humans. When you truly appreciate your Lord’s favors, you will feel the need that the transient being has for the Everlasting, the dependence of the poor upon the One who is All-Rich, and the protection sought by the weak in the One who is All-Powerful. True power, wealth, and everlastingness all belong to GOD Alone.
If you know all of these things, you must apply your knowledge and worship GOD sincerely. If you seek forgiveness from Him, He will forgive you. If you ask Him, He will give you. If you ask Him for help, He will help you. And if you are thankful to Him, He will increase His favors upon you.

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