Sunday, March 8, 2009

Death (14-11)

A trusted man related that a man who drove a truck in his city once picked up a passenger to give him a lift. The passenger sat in the back where there was neither roof nor cover. There was, however, a coffin that had been prepared for burial. It started to rain and the man, noticing that it was a large coffin, decided to seek shelter inside of it. Another passenger came onto the truck and he also made his way to the back. He happened to choose a seat beside the coffin. While it continued to rain the second passenger thought that he was alone in the truck. Without warning, the first passenger stuck his hand out of the coffin to see if the rain had subsided. On seeing the hand, the second passenger became terrified, thinking that a dead man in the coffin was rising to life. From the sheer terror and shock of the moment, the man stumbled backwards, fell out of the truck, and smashed his head on the pavement, dying instantaneously.
This unexpected way of dying is how GOD had written for this man to die.
“Everything happens according to a Divine decree, And in the deaths of others are morals and lessons. ”
It is incumbent upon everyone to realize that death is hovering above us. At any moment, day or night, death can come.
we can learn how imperative it is for us to improve ourselves, to renew our repentance, and to know that we are dealing with GOD, Who is Most Generous and All-Powerful.
Death does not ask a person for permission prior to arrival, nor does it give one an early warning about its being on its way.
Man is cowardly when he faces danger; his heart begins to thump when the possibility of death arises, and then, without prior warning, he dies at a time when he feels most safe.
The strange thing is that we do not think about meeting GOD or about the transient nature of this life.

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