Sunday, March 8, 2009

Be resolute in making a decision (15-3)

Whenever a decision has to be made, many of us become confused and hesitant, and this often results in headaches. Whenever presented with choices, You should consult others and perform that prayer which is prescribed for decision-making. You should think things through before making a final decision or before taking the first step in any given direction, but if convinced that one course is better than another, you should take action without wavering. The time for consultation and planning is then over and the time for action begins.
Always being hesitant is a defect in one’s character and often leads to failure and confusion. I know people who for years have been oscillating between decisions that should have been routine and easy. It is they themselves who have invited failure and frustration to enter into their lives.
You should study the practicability of your plans and ideas. Give yourself time to think things through, seek counsel with experienced and wise people, and pray to your Lord to guide you to the best between two or more choices. But in the end take action and do not tarry or linger in making your decision.

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