Thursday, January 14, 2010

The sweet taste of freedom

A man who had a mental disorder and an extreme anxiety problem sought advice from a doctor, who advised him, saying, “Know that no matter what the plans are that someone has for the future, there is no movement, not so much as a whisper, in this world but that it occurs by the permission of Allah (GOD).”

A scholar wrote:
“Small things are greatly magnified in the eyes of the small one, And great things are diminished in size in the eyes of the great one.”

A pious scholar wrote:
“Whoever possesses three hundred sixty loaves, a canister of oil, and one thousand six hundred dates (i.e., enough provision for one year), then none can enslave him.”

Another pious scholar once said:
“The one who is satisfied with dry bread and water will be free from slavery except the slavery to Allah (GOD).”

“My aspirations and desires enslaved me since I obeyed them,
If I had only been contented, I would have been free.”

Those who seek to make wealth or status a means to happiness will come to know in the end how futile and fruitless their efforts were.

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