Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doing those things that make you at peace with your self

A Pious scholar enumerated some of the factors that bring about tranquility:
1. worshipping Allah (GOD) exclusively without associating any partners with him (in worship), and without associating any partners with Him in all qualities that belong to Him alone. The disbeliever and the one who associates partners with Allah (GOD), the Almighty, are, for all effective purposes, dead and not alive.
2. Useful knowledge, because the most happy, easy-going, and contented kind of person is the scholar.
3. Good deeds. A good deed brings light both to the heart and to the face. Doing good deeds results in being blessed in one’s sustenance, and the hearts of people are naturally attracted to the doer of good.
4. Bravery, for the courageous person is firm and strong and fears Allah (GOD) alone. Difficulties and hardship neither shake nor disturb him.
5. Avoiding sins. Sinning ruins one’s peace of mind and makes one feel lonely and in the dark.
A poet said:
“I saw that sins cause the heart to die
And addiction brings disgrace to the addicted.”

6. Not being extravagant in that which is lawful. In other words, one should be moderate in speaking, sleeping, and mixing with people, and likewise one should be abstemious in one’s eating habits.
A poet said:
“O’ companion of the bed, you have slept excessively,
Don’t you know that after death is a long sleep.”


  1. bohzo (hello)

    Great blog, very well done, you get an A+, diversity of writers and bloggers is what makes blogging interesting. Nice to see your blog promotes charities.

    Megwetch (Thank You)

  2. I am doing right now make peace with my self. the temptation to blame me and others so strong. but it's worth for me to fight.