Friday, February 12, 2010

Do not cling to other than Allah (GOD)

If Allah (GOD), the Exalted, is the One Who brings to life, causes death, and if He alone provides for all creation, why fear people or be distressed by their actions? I think that in our society much grief and anxiety is caused by our attachment to people, in seeking to please them, trying to gain their favor, striving to praise the important ones among them, and feeling wounded by their disparaging treatment. And all of this indicates a weakness in one’s belief in Allah (GOD).

A poet said:
“Would that you were pleased when life is bitter, And would that you were contented when people are angry, If your love for Allah (GOD) is true, then all else is insignificant, And all above the dirt is dirt.”

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  1. sentences are very good ....
    only god in which we rely, because God is great everything