Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You will not die before your appointed time

For every person there is an appointed time to die, it cannot be brought forward, nor can it be held back, even if all of the creation were to join together in the attempt.
And know that hoping in other than Allah (GOD) is misery.

1. Whoever places his hopes or trust in something or someone other than Allah (GOD), then Allah will abandon him and make that thing or person the cause of his ruin.
For Fir’aun (Pharoah) it was status; for Qaaroon (Korah) it was wealth, for Umayyah it was business, for Waleed it was his child.
For Abu Jahl it was status, for Abu Lahab it was lineage, for Abu Muslim it was the throne, for Al-Mutanabbi it was fame, and for Al-Hajjaj it was power and authority.

2. Whoever seeks honor with Allah (GOD) and does righteous deeds, Allah will honor him and bestow upon him ranking even if he has no wealth, status, or noble lineage.
For Bilal it was the call to prayer, for Sulmaan it was the Hereafter, for Suhaib it was his sacrifice, and for ‘Ataa it was knowledge (may Allah be pleased with them all).