Monday, May 10, 2010

Asking Allah (GOD) for forgiveness opens locked doors

An old scholar said :
“When I am confused in my understanding of an issue in religion, I forthwith beseech Allah (GOD) to forgive me one thousand times, maybe a little more or maybe a little less. Then Allah opens what was closed for me and I come to understand.”

One way of finding inner peace is to constantly seek forgiveness from Allah (GOD). Even a sin can be a blessing if it causes the believer to turn to his Lord in repentance.

I always feel wonder when reflecting on some famous historical figures. Even though they faced hardships, it seems as if to them their hardships were as gentle as drops of water. One of these is Qays ibn ‘Aasim al-Manqari, famous among the Arabs for his patience, was once narrating a story to some of his companions, when a man came and told Qays, “Your son has been murdered. The son of so and so was the culprit.” Qays didn’t cut his story short, but instead continued relating it in a calm demeanor until he finished. Then he said, “Wash my son, shroud him, and allow me to pray over him!”

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