Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paradise for you ....... (9-6)

“My soul that owns things is itself departing, Then why should I cry when something leaves me.”
The whole world, with all its gold, silver, positions, and mansions does not deserve even a teardrop.

An One poets said:
“Wealth and family are only a loan, And the day must come when the loan is returned.”
All of the wealth in the world cannot postpone death when its appointed time comes.

An One scholars said:
“Do not seek any remuneration other than Paradise, especially since the value of a believer’s soul is so expensive.”
Yet some people sell theirs for a base value, Those who mourn over bankruptcy and destruction of house or car, and do not grieve over a low level of faith and over their sins will soon come to realize the absurdity of their outlook on life, And the realization thereof, teemed with regret, will be augmented for an individual according to the degree of his particular delusions, It is an issue that strikes deep because it is one of values, morals, and priorities.

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  1. That happened because of the religion only was made symbol.. in fact the religion already clear taught concerning the moral and what must be given priority to in the life.